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Get Outside This Weekend: 5 Tips on How to Make It Happen

After a 40 hour week spent within dull, lifeless walls, many of us crave fresh air and a dose of adventure on the weekends. Wouldn’t you love to take in a beautiful sunset from a mountain vista or float down a lazy river with the warmth of the summer sun during those precious 48 hours away from harsh lighting and the glow of a computer screen?
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Construction2style: Before and After Project

Built-ins are all about the style and function. Looking at this particular room, storage was a problem as well as space for decor. Our built-ins are custom made so we always maximize every square inch of our clients homes. If you ask us, built-in storage units can add hundreds of square feet to your home without the need for renovations.


At QALO, we get excited when we hear about other brands that are not only passionate about their product but the mission behind it. Especially when that mission is centered around connecting with nature and protecting the places we love to explore. We seek to play outdoors constantly and proper hydration is essential in this pursuit. MIZU water bottles are not only a functional solution, but also one with a purpose.

A New Adventure With Jordan & Eva: Marriage!

When the time came for us to hit the road again after spending Christmas at home with our families, I set my alarm for 5:30am. I woke up before everyone else, smuggled the newly purchased diamond ring outside and began to search for a well-hidden, yet easily accessible place to hide a small black box in a 2-door Jeep Wrangler. I thought about the jack compartment, but contemplated how to maneuver it if we actually got a flat tire. With black duct tape I decided to secure the ring up under my seat—a stealth job James Bond would have been proud of.

Lupus fighter & World Cup champion – Shannon Boxx!

Lupus Awareness month came to a close last week but here at QALO our heart is to see the battle against Lupus continue long past the month of May. This is why we wanted to talk with former member of the US Women’s National Team and Olympic soccer player, Shannon Boxx. Her amazing career features 3 gold medals while playing in 4 World Cups before ultimately retiring after a recent World Cup win in 2015.