Swollen Finger Solution

QALO exists for many reasons. Active lifestyles, comfort, you could name a ton, but one of the main reasons to wear a QALO is safety. See that medieval tool above. That is what a jeweler will use to cut you... Click to read more

Why I Read To My Kids

I’m a reader. An old-fashioned reader.  The one who loves coffee-stained paper pages that sometimes beg  you to lick your fingers to turn them .  I “get" the convenience of Kindles and iPad reads, and they real... Click to read more

Cute Cucumber Water

Cute cucumber water with crushed mint: Hydrate your body, flush out toxins and make your skin glow with this yummy recipe! Simply blend 1/2 of an organic cucumber with purified water, mint, basil and lime! I... Click to read more

5 Smart Ways To Beat The Flu

You may have recovered from the debacle of the worst Super Bowl game in years, but you may not have recovered from the flu you got when your uninvited cousin double-dipped in the buffalo wing sauce. While you’r... Click to read more