World class Crossfit athlete Elijah Muhammad lifts and incredible amount of weight daily in the gym. That’s impressive but what is really impressive is the heavy task he has in being a great father to 3 children and building an incredible family.

EZ and Yana’s QALO call sign is : HEAVY

“I know that I’m never alone. I can take on any challenge. I’m unstoppable because I have Yana with me to constantly make sure my heavy is never to heavy“. – EZ Muhammad



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  1. Tilly

    Ooh, I DO have a girl baby pebble and such a beautiful Liberty quilt that would surely become an heirloom (and bloomin’ reaosnably priced Mrs!). I’m in a massive dilemma now – I have two baby quilts already. Blee! What shall I do? It’s possible, just possible that Mr Postie might fetch you a something very soon. Don’t tell anyone!

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