FALLing For You ;)

The seasons are changing, and we can't help but to FALL for our spouses all over again. The new season brings tons of opportunities to get out and spend some unforgettable time together. In need of some fun date ideas? We've got you covered.

Why You Should Meditate Daily

Working out and eating right are important...but how many of us meditate regularly? Whether it's post-gym, in nature, or when you just need a little clarity during a stressful day, meditation is a great way to get centered.

The Anywhere Workout!

What a weekend! The Games were a show to see and we’re more inspired than ever to start getting in shape! Whether it’s crazy work schedules or never having enough time, these quick anywhere workouts are the perfect fix. Here’s a quick and effective circuit that’ll take you from couch potato to CrossFit-ready in no time!

Summer is served… Ideas for 4th of July Fun!

It's 75 degrees and sunny... you have the day off of work, the grill is on, hamburgers are flipping, and everyone is dressed in red, white, & blue. Yep, let freedom ring because the 4th of July is here! It's one of our favorite holidays, as we get to celebrate our independence and enjoy quality time with our family and friends. Make your day unforgettable with these ideas for 4th of July fun!

5 Mother’s Day Activities To Do This Sunday

Love. Laughter. Tears. Anger. Anticipation. Joy & Commitment. All these emotions and more are what every mom goes through while raising their children. All of which make her a super woman, a super wife, and a super mom. This Mother's Day treat her to something special. Below are 5 Mother's day activities to do with your super mom or super wife this Sunday! - Brought to you by QALO.

Get Outside This Weekend: 5 Tips on How to Make It Happen

After a 40 hour week spent within dull, lifeless walls, many of us crave fresh air and a dose of adventure on the weekends. Wouldn’t you love to take in a beautiful sunset from a mountain vista or float down a lazy river with the warmth of the summer sun during those precious 48 hours away from harsh lighting and the glow of a computer screen?

5 Family Fun Ideas For Easter!

First, you'll need to buy some empty plastic eggs! For the kids - fill the eggs with Easter trinkets or chocolate and start hiding lots of eggs around the house. Keeping this game light and not so challenging is a great way to have the little bunnies feeling happy and smiling during their whole Easter day.